Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SOS#237 - Dreaming of Something Warm

Hello everyone - Alica here with a fresh new challenge.

It's February and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere like me, by this time of the year you are probably fed up with cold weather and starting to think about something warm - warm beaches, hot cup of tea or coffee, warm beds or baths and maybe even warm hugs :) So this is our challenge for this week - dream about something warm, make a project and let us know what it is.
We are excited to see what you create!  

Here's  Some Inspiration from our DT!
dreaming of warm beach, which somehow failed to materialize, so I painted one!

I like a "hot" bubble bath when I'm cold.
With Valentine's Day approaching, I'm thinking about warm hugs :)

how about some nice hot tea?


I'm dreaming of a Bahamian beach...but I will make due with a chai latte :)


The link-up will be open until Monday, February 7st, at 11:55 EST. Please limit your total number of challenges to 13, including ours.

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