Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shopping Our Stash Challenge 24: Cowboys/County/Western/ Sports

How 'bout them Cowboys?  When I first came up with this challenge I was thinking of FOOTBALL season because that's what crisp, fall weather feels like to me!  Being from Texas and growing up watching the Cowboys, it was common for that phrase "how 'bout them Cowboys" to be heard quite often!

Just taking a moment to remember the glory days of Roger Staubach...

Thank you.

So that's where the idea for a challenge to use anything sports related, cowboy related  came from- and we stretched it to include anything CLOSE to cowboys or sports!  Think horses,  cows, ranches, farms, pick up trucks, tailgates, cowboys/cowgirls, cattle, bulls, rodeo, saddles, OR anything to do with sports- football, soccer, swimming, fishing, yoga, racing, cheerleading, skating,  walking, jogging, etc.  See how easy this is?

This week the SOS Crew came up with these for your inspiration:










So saddle up this week and join in! I am sure if you dig thru your stash you can find SOMETHING that works for this challenge!  Thanks for stopping by!


June Houck said...

Oh Carla, my veins run burgundy and gold. Yep, I was born in D.C. By the age of 6 I knew that I wanted to be the Redskins quarterback AND the president of the United States. For Halloween at age 6 I was Billy Kilmer. I had the jersey, the helmet, shoulder pads…even my goldfish were named Sonny Jurgensen and Charlie Taylor. When I ask my dds what they think of the Dallas Cowboys, they say, "P.U. stinky!" LOL

CarlaKH said...

Blasphemy! Shame on you! BOO Redskins! lol

Lisa - papergrace said...

Traveling all around the world as I did as a kid, but being born in NorCal my "home" team was the 49ers. So... HOW 'THEM '9ers :D hehhee!! (Please don't hurt me.)

Lisa said...

Oh my...as a diedhard NY Giants fan I cant really say what I really want to about the Cowgirls...I mean the Cowboys..since this is a family site ;)

jimlynn said...

Being from Texas we're really "down" on the Cowboys this year - however, we still have to say "how bout those Boys"! Wonderful idea for a challenge and great cards by the DT.

June Houck said...

LOL, I still love you Carla :)

Beverly G said...

Great theme this week, love to pull out my cowboy stamps.

Unknown said...

sorry bout my tiny tiny pics (cards 7&8 i think?)- mobile posting gone awry.. I have added larger versions of the pics into their respective blog posts (but didn't delete anything, don't worry, Leslie!) so you can see them better.

Marg Van Patten said...

Howdy Everyone ... from the land of the Minnesota Vikings!! Yah, I know ... no need to go there :(

Anyway. I apologize for the double link. I'm using blogger's new Dynamic View with Google Chrome and I seem to be having an issue with creating a direct link. I'll have this figured out in the next few days, but on the meantime .... Have a wonderful week!